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English 1A: Kort: How to Use This Guide

This guide is for use with Melissa Kort's English 1A sections in fall 2010.

What Can You Expect to Find on Each Page?

Brainstorming: On this page you will find links to SJRC reference books to help you get going on your essay topics. Here you can also find suggested subject terms that will yield results for books in the SRJC Libraries' catalog.

Find Essays:  On this page you will find tools and strategies, such as searching the Table of Contents of many library books, that may help you track down the original source of your essay from Halpern's Not for Bread Alone. Illustrated instructions take you step-by-step through the search process. This page also has illustrated instructions for searching the Literature Resource Center, an excellent source of author biographies and literary criticism.

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Find People: The SRJC libraries subscribe to several databases containing author biographies as well as literary criticism. Other sources on this page include suggestions from our print collections and search strategies.

Find Websites: There are so many great food-related websites that it is impossible to list them all here. This page will take you to a few favorites.

Hurston Guide:  Later this semester you will be reading Their Eyes Were Watching God. This page takes you to a separate guide created specifically designed for use with that novel.

MLA Citation Guide: SRJC Reference Librarians have created a whole separate guide that has tips and examples for creating an MLA-formatted "Works Cited" bibliography. Click here to go to that guide!


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