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Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian: Sherman

Explore Sherman Alexie's book.

Absolutely True...

And this book says something else: that as much as you can love your parents, as much as you can love your community, as much as you can love your family, you can also be radically different from them.

It says that you can be part of your family and yet distinct from it, and that doesn’t change your love for your family, but it changes who you become.

Sherman Alexie

Absolutely True Diary...


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Who is Sherman Alexie?

Photograph of Sherman Alexie Used with Permission of Kevin Casey

Photograph by Kevin Casey

“I think I’m actually the first practitioner of the Brady Bunch school of Native American literature.”

World Literature Today  7/1/2010

Bill Moyers Interview April 2013

Sherman Alexie and Steven Colbert

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