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SRJC Libraries FacPack: Moodle Reading Lists

This guide presents an overview of library services for SRJC faculty.

Library Reading Lists in Your Online Classroom

Create Library Reading Lists in Moodle

Configuration Overview

Get Started!

1. Configure the Reading List in Moodle using the instructions in Step 1.

2. Add your desired titles to your newly created Reading List using the instructions in Step 2.

Watch the video for help. Create as many as you need!


Moodle Applications

Reading List Ideas

Enrich your instructional experience by integrating the reading list into Moodle activity blocks. Here are some ideas:

  • Forums: Hold weekly forum discussions based on assigned readings

  • Glossaries: Increase class understanding of complex terminology by asking your students to build a shared glossary with definitions that students can search and browse based on assigned readings

  • Questionnaires: Survey students to gather and share feedback on recommended issues-oriented websites or assigned topical readings

  • Wikis: Build a shared study guide by asking each student to provide an annotated summary to an assigned reading

  • Quizzes: Assign a graded quiz based on reading list selections

  • Offline Assignments: Assign annotated summaries of reading list selections

Step 1: Configure Your Reading List

Set Up Your Moodle Reading List


Configure a new reading list in 5 easy steps:

1. Turn editing on for your course, then click Add an activity or resource.

2. Select the External Tool option from the Activities list.

3. Name your reading list ( e.g., "Week 1 Readings") and fill in any instructions or description in the Activity Description box.

4. Locate the External Tool Type box, click on the down arrow, and select the Reading List option.

5.  Change the Launch Container to New Window.

Save your reading list.  Now you're ready to search Smart Search for articles and books you'd like to add to your reading list.



Step 2: Add Library Resources to Your Reading List

Add Library Resources to Your Reading List

You have a reading list! Now add the articles, books and websites you'd like students to see:

1. Return to your class home page and click on the reading list that you just created.  

2. You'll see a search box that will allow you to search Smart Search directly from within Moodle. Enter a keyword to begin.

 Add you seach term


3. Your search results will appear. Smart Search is weighted to show library books and e-books first. Select Full Text and Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals if you would like to limit your search results to academic journal articles.

Add selections to the readinglist

4. Press the Add to Reading List button to include a resource in your reading list. This is a toggle button - click it again if you change your mind.

5. After you've made your selections, you're done! Click on the link at the top of the search session that says See Current Reading List to see your titles. Notice that you can add websites you'd like your students to visit as well.

6.  Your reading list is complete and ready for students to use.

Watch and Learn

See it in action. This brief video guides you through the steps of building library reading lists.

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