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Renewable Energy: Welcome!

Information about renewable energy sources, including biomass, geothermal, hydro, solar and wind.

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What is Renewable Energy?

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The US Energy Information Agency defines renewable energy sources as those that can be replenished.

Each tab of this guide presents ways to find information about the following five renewable sources:

  • Biomass—including wood and wood waste, municipal solid waste, landfill gas, and biogas, ethanol, and biodiesel
  • Geothermal—capturing the earth's heat to create generate power, and create heating and cooling systems
  • Hydropower—using the force of flowing water to generate eletricity
  • Solar—using the sun's energy for electricity generation, heating water and solar cooling
  • Wind—using the earth's wind currents to generate electricity

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What Terms to Search?

Renewable Energy? Alternative Energy? Sustainable Energy? Clean Energy?

Each term has a slightly different meaning, and each will give you some great results. Some of the Library of Congress subject headings for renewable energy sources are listed below:

Renewable Energy                                      General Energy
solar energy energy consumption
photovoltaic power generation energy development
wind power energy policy
biomass energy power resources
hydrogen as fuel
hydroelectric power plants

Books in the Library

Great Starting Point

This encyclopedia will introduce you to issues surrounding current energy sources and alternative energy options.

Alternative Energy

It's an e-book! Click on the cover or here to dive in!

Inside: information about wind and solar energy, fuel cells, hydropower, geothermal power and biomass energy. In addition, more theoretical alternative energy sources are also explored, including cold fusion, zero point energy and universal forces. Entries discuss the science behind the energy source, notable scientists and scientific discoveries, current examples of use, and the issues, challenges and obstacles to large-scale use.

Stay Current

Read this news feed from Renewable Energy World.


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