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A guide to the World Wide Web, its contents and its search tools


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Good search engines and online tools offer instructions or search tips for users (often called "Help") on their websites. Sometimes these instructions are under the "About" link.

One of the most important things you can learn about using the Web is to read the online search tips.

Best Search Tools Chart

InfoPeople Best Search Tools chart

This "Best Search Tools" chart from InfoPeople briefly describes several of the major Web searching tools and outlines their key features and search techniques.


Welcome to our guide on search tools for the Internet and the World Wide Web!

By now, many of you have probably been using the Internet and the World Wide Web for years, but how much do you really know about the Web, its contents and its search tools? Here's a quick quiz to find out. Try to answer each question, then click the question to see the correct answer. No grades--This is just for you.

Then move on to the rest of this guide. We hope you'll learn something new.

Test Your Knowledge With This Quickie Quiz

1. True or False. The World Wide Web is only one part of the Internet.

2. True or False. If I learn excellent Web search techniques, I'll be able to find any information I need on the World Wide Web.

3. True or False. Search engines like Google and Yahoo will search through all the information on the Web to find information on my topic.

4. True or False. The "Invisible Web" is information which most Web search engines can't find.

5. True or False When we use Web search engines, any advertising on the search results page is always labeled.

6. True or False. If I use a Web subject directory, I will find a huge number of excellent information sources.

7. Many search engines let you force the search engine to exclude a word or phrase from your search by:       
a) Using the word "omit" with your search words.     (bass (omit music)   )
         b) inserting a minus sign  -     in your search words directly before the word or phrase you want to exclude (college -electoral)
         c)  Using parentheses ( )  around the word or phrase in your search statement -  chocolate chip cookies (walnuts)

8. True or False. Web search engines are all pretty much alike.

9. True or False. A Web "content farm" is an excellent place to look for comprehensive, scholarly information on a topic.

10. True or False. Some Web search engines track what you are searching for and tailor your future search results based on your past search behavior.

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