Faculty Fund For Advanced Studies 2014

This is an application form for Faculty Fund For Advanced Studies awards.
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2. Complete Home Address (Required for IRS form 1099. Any funds you receive from FFAS are subject to income tax and you will receive a 1099-MISC from the SRJC Foundation for reporting this income)
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7. Project Description: Describe the project and its benefits. Copy and paste your description from a Word document. If you press the enter button while typing directly in the box, it may submit your information before you are finished!
8. List an itemized budget with indications of how funds will be spent. For example, common cost categories are: Accommodations, Transportation, Conference Registration, and Meals. SRJC GUIDELINES: If travel by automobile is planned, calculate costs based on 56 cents per mile. Calculate meal allotments at $45 per diem - breakfast $10.00, lunch $15.00, and dinner $20.00. No reimbursement for tips or alcohol. Funds requested from the FFAS may not be applied to cover salaries or to purchase permanent equipment.
9. Have you received a previous FFAS award?
10. If you have received a previous FFAS award, please enter the date and title of the award.